RESPIRA®: Sustainable and efficient climate control buildings

RESPIRA is an intelligent HVAC management system that uses Artificial Intelligence to improve energy efficiency, thermal comfort and air quality in buildings and infrastructures.


Based on artificial intelligence algorithms, RESPIRA® seeks balance in complex variables such as temperature, humidity, energy consumption and air quality to predict the environmental and operating conditions of the facility. In this way RESPIRA® helps to improve the well-being of users and reduce facility operating costs, making our spaces environmentally friendly and achieving sustainable buildings with efficient climate control.


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Maximizes energy efficiency andreduces electricity consumption el by up to 25%.


Your space will gain thermal comfort and air quality.


Minimizes expenses

RESPIRA does not require large investments or a long lead time.

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One product Plug & Play, a flexible, scalable and quick-to-install system.


GetNext Generation Fundsfor RESPIRA® being a digital and sustainable product.

Applications and uses

Subway Infrastructures

Intelligent and predictive management of ventilation systems in tunnels and subway networks. RESPIRA® takes into account the entire mesh network of tunnels as a whole, the geothermal conditions of the ground and all the variables that affect the environmental conditions, so that with its artificial intelligence algorithm it can autonomously and efficiently control all ventilation systems in real time. RESPIRA® can be easily integrated into SCADA operation systems and allows to obtain the maximum performance of the existing installation, detecting those critical zones or areas of the infrastructure.


Intelligent and predictive management of ventilation and air conditioning systems. RESPIRA® takes into account the entire installation as a whole, from cooling/heating production to distribution, so that with its artificial intelligence algorithm it can autonomously and efficiently control the entire HVAC system in real time. RESPIRA® integrates into existing installations and provides a layer of intelligence to existing control systems, ensuring comfort and air quality with energy savings. We create sustainable buildings with efficient air conditioning.

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